1977: A year of consequential choices

By any measure, 1977 was a pivot point for the Bowers family.
In the three years since its publication, I had sold virtually the entire first printing
(10,000 copies) of my consumer guide, Save Thousands When You Buy or Sell Your Home.
Encouraged by that success, I decided to follow my dream of self-employment,
ending a successful ten years in broadcasting to become a communications consultant.
To top it off, we self-sold our gatehouse in Bryn Mawr and moved into the barn,
a wonderfully idiosyncratic historic home I continue to love to this day.

I wrote about my experience as a first-time writer/publisher
in a piece which appeared in the April 1977 issue of Writer's Digest.
In my ongoing effort to sort through and process decades of memorabilia,
I came across a copy and decided to digitize it for posterity.

Special Note:
The most important event of my life also took place in 1977,
when in late summer, I responded to God's invitation
and accepted Jesus as my personal Savior.

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