A majestic ash bites the dust

Mortally wounded and posing a grave danger to life and property,
this handsome tree was carefully removed by Jansen Tree Experts
on Friday, November 30, 2007. It was a beautiful day
and a sad, fascinating process to watch.

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fissure Jansen's arrived on 

Having discovered a wide and deep fissure in an 80-foot ash along my property line, I knew the tree needed to come down -- fast!
Jansen Tree Experts arrived right on time with a truck-mounted crane, huge chipper, and a capable, courteous crew.

hitting the wall
Being careful wasn't enough, as the huge crane truck demolished a section of my wall on its way up the drive. The stonework was fixed promptly.


at the top lowering the boom
Starting at the top, sections were sawed and lowered to the ground with precision.
I was sad to see this beautiful tree come down, but watching the process was engrossing.

loading the logs
After I got all the wood I could use, the rest was loaded on a flatbed and hauled away. Let's hope it brings light and warmth to empty fireplaces.


the end the final cut
With the tree nearly down, the crew began the cleanup process.
One final cut and a tree weighing 20 tons was reduced to a modest stump.

a good day's work
Ken Jansen (center) and his crew couldn't have been nicer.
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