The perfect birthday present:
visiting Jennifer in her new home

-- March 22 - 26, 2012 --

It's a very pleasant, short walk
from the Back Bay station to Jennifer's apartment.

After a busy day, a great place to relax in front of the fire.

As a belated birthday gift, Jennifer took me to Locke-Ober,
one of Boston's finest eateries, for an amazing dinner of
lobster stew, Dover sole, and profiteroles for dessert.
John, a jazz musician, took very good care of us.

Taking in the skyline scenery on the docks while waiting for a table at lunch.

Our first President presides at Boston Commons.

Undefeated in battle, the U.S.S. Constitution remains a symbol of American might.


What better way to spend a gray, misty Sunday afternoon
than visiting the art-rich Isabella Stewart Gardner museum.
This is the beautiful interior courtyard.

Meeting a new friend:  BULLDOGS RULE!

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