Denny Gilbert - In Memoriam
Denny Gilbert -- In Memoriam
Dennis Gilbert, DDS
December 27, 1941-November 7, 2007

A treasured friend
and dear brother in Christ
now with the Lord

During the 1990s through 2001, Denny and I participated in an annual "Men in the East" retreat at Sandy Cove in Northeast, Maryland. In those same years there was a companion event -- "Men in the West" --  held in Breckenridge, Colorado. God's loving presence during those weeks was as unmistakable as it was life-changing.

A few hours after Denny's death, I wrote the email below to our "alumni" announcing his passing and giving the details of his memorial service. As I revisited those words the following day, they seemed a fitting memorial to the respect and affection so many felt for this man of quiet significance.

In that spirit, and for that purpose, I share them here.

November 7, 2007
To my fellow "Men in the East/West" alumni,
With for your forbearance for my sharing this very personal news in the context of a group email, I wanted to let you know that earlier today (9:40 a.m., to be precise), Denny Gilbert died after a 10-month struggle with cancer. His passing was peaceful -- at home, in the arms of his loving wife, Lynda -- and in many ways, was both a relief and release. He was 65.
As most of you know, Denny had a passion for pursuing the hearts of men and drawing them toward a deeper relationship with Jesus. Many of you saw that during the week-long retreats at Sandy Cove and Breckenridge with Roy Shirley and Don Hudson. And many of you testified to the impact he had in the words you wrote on his "scroll" at the conclusion of those retreats. He was an amazing man.
Denny was my best friend, and right now I'm feeling the duality familiar to all believers: deep sadness at his departure from my life, yet a sense of joy and excitement as I picture him in his heavenly body receiving words of welcome from his Savior. I will miss him.
There will be a memorial service at Church of the Saviour in Wayne, PA this coming Monday, November 12th, at 11 a.m. For those who may wish to attend, here is a link to the page on the church website with directions:
As you can imagine, these next few days will be a bit hectic for Lynda. Should you wish to drop her a note of encouragement or condolence, her address is:
Lynda Gilbert

455 Arden Road

Gulph Mills, PA  19428

Denny and I thought we'd grow old together as dear friends are often privileged to do. That won't be happening, but it is more than enough to know that I -- along with all his brothers and sisters in Christ -- will be spending eternity with him in the loving presence of the Living Lord.
To God be the glory.

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