Pistol Practice at French Creek
October 18, 2007

Jon Weaver and I spent several enjoyable hours
perforating targets at 25 yards on an unseasonably warm fall afternoon

jdb at french creek
Taking aim with my Colt Woodsman Sport .22 caliber pistol.

You Tube 

Click here to watch a 5-second video of me
firing my Woodsman at a target 75 feet downrange

firing at french creek
spotting jdb
A little single-action practice with my Smith & Wesson Model 36 .38-caliber snubbie.
Jon Weaver checks his shot using my new Celestron spotting scope - a gift from Jennifer.

jw at french creek
Milliseconds after squeezing off a round from the .38 special.

last target
My last 10 shots of the day with the Woodsman.

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