Camp Kehonka
Lake Winnipesaukee -- Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Founded in 1902, Kehonka drew girls from around the world.
Many were the second or third generation in their family to attend.
While we did not know it at the time, Jennifer's last summer
at Camp Kehonka (1985) was also its final season.

Jennifer still regards her summers at this remarkable camp
as the high point of her youth. And I can absolutely understand why.

Here are some photos I took that year at a parents' picnic.

kehonka close-up

This is one of my favorite shots of Jennifer as a teenager.

kehonka picnic

Susan and I join Jennifer and her friends for lunch during her final summer at Kehonka.

kehonka picnic - 2

Forgetting the names of old camp friends seems to be a family trait.
Help us out. If you see yourself in any of these shots, please drop me an email
telling us where you are (in the photo and in life). I'll be sure to update Jennifer.
Update: turns out that's Ingrid Whitaker on the right (foreground).

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