My Mutineer

My first (and only) sailboat: Chrysler Marine's


I acquired this sprightly, 15-foot one-design sloop in the early 1970s,
and had about a dozen years of enjoyment before deciding -- reluctantly -- to sell her.
During the winter, I stored her at my parents' summer home in Ocean City, NJ,
and in the summer, went day-sailing in the bay.
Sometimes with a crew, but usually not, I launched her from a ramp
on the mainland side of the 9th Street bridge at Somers Point.
I kept her on a trailer which I parked next to the house on Chelsea Place.

Agile, stable, and quick to the helm, she was a fine boat.
To quote Katharine Hepburn in "The Philadelphia Story," she was "yar."
My only regret is that I never named her.

I hope to find and post some photos I took at the time, but for now,
this company promotional brochure will have to do.

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