My Myers Briggs Type Indicator Profile

Extroversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception

In 2002, I underwent the testing and follow-up evaluation familiar to anyone who has ever been exposed to Myers Briggs.  The responses I gave indicated a strong ENFP profile.  I have reproduced the summary I received after completing the process.  I think it's a pretty accurate reflection of who I am -- on good days.


For people with ENFP preferences, life is a creative adventure full of exciting possibilities. ENFPs are keenly perceptive about people and insightful about the present and future. They experience a wide range of feelings and intense emotions. They need affirmation from others and readily give appreciation and support.

ENFPs are good at understanding how people and groups work and are persuasive and compelling in pursuing what is important to them. They are adaptable, blooming where they are planted. Their energy and enthusiasm encourage others to bloom as well.


ENFPs are innovators, initiating projects and directing great energy into getting them under way.  Using intuition primarily externally they are stimulated by new people, ideas, and experiences.  They find meaning and significance readily and see connections that others don't. They are likely to be…

* Curious, creative, and imaginative
* Energetic, enthusiastic, and spontaneous

ENFPs value harmony and goodwill. They like to please others and will adapt to others' needs and wishes when possible. ENFPs primarily use feeling internally, making decisions by applying personal values through identification and empathy with others.  ENFPs are likely to be…

* Warm, friendly and caring
* Coöperative and supportive

ENFPs have exceptional insight into possibilities in others and the energy and motivation to help actualize them. They feel confident moving ahead based on their insights, and their enthusiasm tends to bring others along with them.


ENFPs are usually lively, gregarious, and sociable, with a large circle of friends. They are interested in almost everything and bring a zest to life that draws others to them. At the same time, they value depth and authenticity in their close relationships, and direct great energy to creating and supporting open and honest communication.

ENFPs hate routine, schedules, and structure, and usually manage to avoid them. They are normally verbally fluent, even in extemporaneous situations; however, when their deepest values need expression, they may suddenly be awkward and express their judgments with uncharacteristic intensity. Others usually see ENFPs as…

* Personable, perceptive, and persuasive
* Enthusiastic, spontaneous, and versatile
* Giving and seeking affirmation

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