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I'm a proud Life Member of the National Rifle Association.
No organization does more to defend our Second Amendment rights
against the unrelenting attacks by anti-gun elements in government and the media.
I urge you to join me in supporting the NRA.

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The NRA has superb programs for educating and training
the youth of America in the proper care and use of firearms.
I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the NRA
through one of those, the .22 rifle Marksman Qualification Program.

Riflery practice at Camp Mitigwa
Here I am (left) at age fourteen, demonstrating one of the two NRA-approved sitting positions during riflery practice at Camp Mitigwa in Rangeley, Maine. It looks like I've drawn a pretty good bead on the camera lens -- and in the process, violated one of the cardinal rules of the range:  never point your gun at something (or someone) you don't plan to shoot.
First, as a youngster at summer camp, and later as a counselor,
I worked my way up the ladder from Pro-Marksman
to the NRA's highest level of qualification, Distinguished Expert.

NRA Distinguished Expert badge

After many years away from active firearm use,
I have returned to the passion of my youth.
Whether it's trapshooting with my beloved Beretta AL391 12-gauge
or range practice with my .22-caliber Colt Woodsman, Smith & Wesson .38's,
or my most recent purchase, a Springfield Armory XDm .40-caliber semi-automatic,
I get a lot of pleasure -- and a sense of security -- from my modest arsenal.

The Croatian-built XDm 4.5" 40-caliber semi-automatic.
The ammo is a bit pricey, but it sure is fun to shoot.

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