Radnor-Chester Road's West Side Soirée
at Suzette and Frank's lovely home
on Saturday, June 9, 2012

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     What a night! For three days, Sean and I have been gushing over our uniquely special neighborhood and the idyllic Saturday night soirée. 
     We feel very lucky to have moved into a community of such inspired, dynamic, and kind people. It's hard to imagine a better place to live and raise a family.  Many thanks to you all for such a memorable, fun evening.


                         Fondly, Dee

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     Mike and I tell people we meet in our travels that we live on the Main Line – a place along the train line from Philadelphia. But not just any place; rather, a magical place. A place five minutes from fabulous medical care, the bank, the pharmacy, the grocery store, the post office, the welcoming town of Wayne. In fact, we say, we are five minutes from the world.
     We can get on the train, travel south to Florida, or north to Maine, or even to Philadelphia airport to Hong Kong and back again. And we always come back ... Because of the deep green trees in the summer, azaleas blooming in the spring, snowfalls and icicles in the winter. Who, we ask, could have all this unless they lived in a magical place? And of course Everyone always agrees. Everyone wants to visit and see this magic for themselves.
     “Imagine!,” Mike and I said to each other, “Imagine! if they had come last night. No movie scene could begin to create our delightful evening. Neighbors planning, solving, arriving with flowers, cloths, tables, drinks, plates, salads, chicken, gravlax, cakes, cupcakes, smudge pots, vodka. A feast.” And as George said in his toast, "a moment where we all were one." Such camaraderie at our farm table! Even little girls running across the grass in the twilight amid fireflies.
     So, even though it was really late spring according to the calendar, we believe we were in a Midsummer Night's Dream at the Bairds, touched by the magic that is simply derived from the people who live here.

                         Many thanks for your magic,

                         Susan and Mike

Photographs courtesy of Jackie and Barb

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