Spring's Floral Fugue

A succession of beautiful blossoms brightens this season at the barn


First to arrive: the marsh marigolds...

...joined after a week or so by the periwinkle...

...and the spring beauties

The bees love the Pieris japonica blooms

The flowering of the fragrant viburnum is one of my favorite signs of spring

The fern are back, as is the climbing hydrangea adorning the field stone

I finally put the new Pieris japonicas in the spot where an ancient azalea had died

The lovely leucothoe do well in the dappled sunlight under the azelias

The lily of the valley bloomed a little later than usual this year

Pennsylvania is very fortunate to have mountain laurel as its state flower

The delicate, pendulous blooms make Solomon's seal a prized perennial

The wild phlox (white and mauve) pop up each spring in the most surprising places

Can you spot the lady bugs?

And as May comes to a close, the rhodies and bearded iris create a beautiful finale

Midway through June, the patio's two prickly plants burst into bloom.
The miniature roses will last till fall; the cactus flower will fade in a week.
The ants know enough to seize their opportunity as spring gives way to summer.

Old walls have their charm

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