An Afternoon's Delight
My extended interaction with an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
May 20, 2006

I found this beauty resting on a cedar board near the outside entrance to my furnace room.
It climbed onto my hand, where it kept me company for several hours while I read in the sun.

As has become my custom when I find something of interest on the property,
 I took the butterfly over to show my neighbors, Austin Warner and his dad, Todd.
Young Austin has a distinct naturalist streak in him, which I first noticed
back in 2004 when he gladly handled the garter snake I brought over for his inspection.
Click here to see a photo of the snake.

After several hours of contended companionship,
the swallowtail joined several of his mates in their search for nectar.

My tulip-popular and ash trees are ideal hosts for the chrysalis stage,
and my flowering shrubs provide an ample supply of nectar for the adult butterflies.

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