Trapshooting on Easter Saturday 2008

Jonathan Weaver, along with his son, David, and his friend, Jenny,

joined me at Delaware County Field & Stream on Saturday, March 22, 2008
for a couple of hours of knocking clay targets out of the sky with my Beretta 12-gauge.

Afterwards, we repaired to the pistol range to try out
my .22 Colt Woodsman and .38 Smith & Wesson snub-nose.

My first trapshooting videos, courtesy of my friend, Jon

trapshot-going target 

This low-resolution video frame shows the clay pigeon milliseconds after David Weaver launched the target from the trap.
This side view of the trap release shows the target, now a blur, just an instant before its launch.
target in flight
A moment later, it has become a small dot downrange, floating just above the barrel's end as I look down the comb. Time to pull the trigger.
With the clay pigeon contrasted against the afternoon sky and about to begin its downward arc, the moment of truth has arrived.
target hit
An ounce of #8 shot in a choked pattern 30 inches across at the point of impact reduces the target to dust. Yes, this sport is addictive.
Split cleanly in two, the target has been dispatched, prompting a very pleasant endorphin rush and a sense of anticipation for the next shot.

Jenny taking her first 

Jenny appeared overmatched by the Beretta -- until she pulverized her first five targets in a row. What a shooting debut! Dave looks on admiringly.

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