A Birthday Party at the Warners
-- Saturday, October 28, 2006 --

My neighbors, Todd and Nancy Warner, invited me to join them
as they hosted their family for a multiple-birthday celebration

The Warners
L to R: Nancy Warner; her mother, Rose Manners; jdb;
Todd Warner; his mother, Helen Warner; Julia Warner.

Gus Foschi Joe O'Grady
Gus Foschi, Rose's brother.
Joe O'Grady, father-in law of Nancy's brother, Bill.

Helen Warner
Rose Manners
Helen Warner, Todd's mother.
Rose Manners, Nancy's mother.

Group shot
Karen Manners watches her daughter, Dianna, open one of her presents.

Blowing out the

candles Claire King

Dianna takes her turn blowing out the candles
as her cousins and Aunt Michelle look on.

It wasn't Claire King's birthday,
but she seemed to have a great time.

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