Christmas Dinner at Home - 1957
463 Eaton Road, Drexel Park, Pennsylvania

christmas dinner at home - 1957

(Clockwise, starting at the left)
John Dallas Hallahan, M.D.; Elizabeth Hallahan; Marjorie Hallahan; E. Stanley Bowers, Jr.;
E. Stanley Bowers, III; Bill Hallahan; Marion Hallahan; Bessie Bowers; Marjorie Hallahan Bowers

I took this photograph using an early model Polaroid camera I had just won
for selling the most magazines among my sophomore class at Upper Darby High School.
The original print, which I found among my mother's possessions, was badly damaged.

John Hallahan is my mother's brother. Elizabeth was their mother.
Marion is John's wife; Marjorie and Bill are their children.
Bessie was my father's mother.

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