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John Dallas Bowers, LLC
Communications Consultant

I Am Here to Help.

When I join the marketing process is up to you. I am
often invited to be there at the beginning, to assist in the
strategic planning as well as the establishment of budgets,
priorities, and realistic timetables.

I am equally comfortable executing existing plans and

projects, and work well in a collaborative environment with
staff and outside vendors. I can act as your project coordinator,
bringing meticulous attention to details and deadlines, or leave
those responsibilities to those you designate.

At the heart of what I do best is coming up with creative
ways to help you communicate more effectively and efficiently
with your clients and prospects. Partnering with a trusted team
of graphic designers, photographers, videographers, website
developers, printers, and direct mail specialists, I work in all
major marketing media, including:

  • Corporate or product-specific websites
  • Powerful sales and promotional letters
  • Brochures of all descriptions and purposes
  • Radio and television commercials
  • Sales and educational videos
  • Creative, compelling responses to RFPs
  • New business development
  • Corporate communications (newsletters, annual reports)
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Publicity (news releases, commissioned articles)
I look forward to helping you -- and to the conversation that will
begin that process.


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