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John Dallas Bowers, LLC
Communications Consultant

This is my story.

I began my career in marketing and advertising at one
of the top ABC radio and television affiliates in the country.
I helped build ratings and sales to record levels, and as
Director of Advertising, Promotion & Publicity, placed first
in a national sales marketing competition.

As a communications consultant for the past 35+ years,
I have created and produced marketing and advertising
campaigns for large corporations, nationally-renowned law
firms, dominant regional businesses, and privately-owned,
more entrepreneurial enterprises that began small, and
with my help, became very successful.

I am traditionally invited to be part of the strategic
planning, guiding clients as they identify their strengths
and objectives, and helping them pinpoint and pursue
lucrative niche markets. My goal is always to produce
creative materials which capture and promote the best
of what my clients have to offer, telling their unique
stories in a way that delivers results which meet or
exceed their expectations.

I'd like to do the same for you.

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