Recovered Memories
Scanned slides of my life from the 1950s to the 1980s

My CanoScan 9000F Mark II, a birthday gift from Jennifer,
has made it possible to resurrect Kodachrome images
going back six decades to my teenage years.
Many of the slides show the effects of imperfect storage,
but most remain pleasing to the eye.

I've organized the albums by subject
and by clicking on the links below, you will be taken
to the appropriate pages.  This is a work in progress,
so please come back often for updates.

My father's solo trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (July/August 1925)
Christmas with the Hallahans (1960)
Summer fun in Maine and Ocean City, NJ (1961)
Ocean City (NJ) images of the devastating March Nor'easter (1962)
My brother and I fly fishing on Kennebago Lake and River (1962)
Visiting Marjorie at Camp Wono on Cape Cod Bay (1964)
Honeymoon in Bermuda (1966)
Our family's annual Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale, FL (1967)
My parents' visit to Williamsburg, VA with the Beams (1967)
Our family Christmas celebrated in several locations (1967)
Spring break at the Lauderdale Beach Hotel (1968)
A visit to the historic village at Allaire in Farmingdale, NJ (1968)
Fly fishing at Grant's Camps on Lake Kennebago, ME (1969)
My dad's slides of a family weekend in Ocean City, NJ (1969)
My niece, out and about with her mom and grandparents (1969)
Jennifer's first birthday at the gate house in Bryn Mawr (1971)
Jennifer's first Easter egg hunt at the gate house in Bryn Mawr (1972)
Jennifer's first trip to beautiful Longwood Gardens (1972)
Stan, Barbara and the kids on the beach at Ocean City (1972)
Christmas day at Eaton and Winding in Drexel Park (1972)
Spring break at the Lauderdale Beach Hotel (1974)
Jennifer at Easter in the gate house in Bryn Mawr (1975)
A visit to Monhegan Island, ME (1975)
Our first Faith Works family: Sharon Skinner in Chester, PA (1983)

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